I started this business with sustainability in mind, as I am concerned with the amount of waste generated by the fashion and textile industries. Currently, many of us have become aware of how harmful fast fashion can be for both the environment and the human rights of those making the garments. It is my belief that second-hand shopping is one of the most sustainable choices we can make as consumers. Therefore, a driving factor for starting Continual Store was to both be part of the solution and to create a platform for people whose main obstacle to shopping second-hand was time.

The beauty of vintage items is they are often made from high quality materials and have already withstood the test of time. Consequently, it means we have higher quality items that will have longevity in our wardrobes. When I select items, I am always mindful of the quality, and materials used. Often, I stumble across beautiful pieces that need some extra TLC to keep them from going into landfill. With the environment in mind, I always try to package my items in decomposable or recycled materials.

What inspires me?

Not only is buying second-hand better for the environment, it can also allow you to express your own personal style with more unique items. My mission is to dispel some of the myths attached to second-hand shopping and change people’s ideas of what it can look like. Over the years second-hand shopping has really inspired the development of my own personal style and creativity when it comes to fashion. Since I was young, my mum and I have visited charity shops. These shopping experiences were an integral part of my growing love for style, fashion and vintage clothing.

Personally, I am very inspired by the chic and effortless looks of the 90’s. I love how 90’s style crosses the boundary of sexy and classic silhouettes mixed with grunge that can bring edginess to a look. I also love textures as I believe it can be an easy way to add dimension into an otherwise simple outfit. I usually gravitate towards natural fabrics as they are often the most sustainable option and are more comfortable than synthetic. In more recent years I try to keep a capsule wardrobe as it makes getting dressed more easily and can also promote creativity within your own personal style. These ideas are often reflected in the way I select pieces - my aim is to deliver timeless, high-quality items so you can create a wardrobe that is both sustainable and stylish.

Finally, I just want to thank you so much for shopping with me and supporting my small business.

Rochelle x